Taputapuātea Festival 2023


For the first time Rapa Nui will host one of the most important festivals in Polynesia!!!

Rapa Nui will for the first time host one of the most important festivals in Polynesia, it is the Taputapuātea Festival.

Since 2019, the Rapa Nui people have participated in the event that begins on the “marae” (sacred platform) of the same name, the largest and most important ceremonial center on the island of Raiatea and the area.

Meetings that seek to keep alive the history of the migrations that occurred in the Polynesian triangle and the attachment of the South Pacific islands to the French island, considered the cradle of Polynesian culture.

Various artistic presentations by the five participating delegations, talks and cultural displays are part of the program of activities that you can see during the four days of the festival. Representatives from New-Caledonia, Rapa Iti, Raiatea Iti, Raiatea Nui, Tahiti will come on a charter flight, coordinated especially for the occasion.

The festival will take place between December 17 and 21, where everyone works together with a single objective: union, cultural exchange, love for their culture and traditions.