Tapati 2024


Tapati is an experience that you cannot miss.

At first it was born as a Rapanui festival to celebrate their ancestors, but over time it has opened up to tourism.

It is an instance where the inhabitants of Rapa Nui connect with their traditions, their history, their music, their gastronomy, their art and their physical abilities.

For this reason, it plays a fundamental role in the rescue of its traditions. The tests are inspired by the ancient competition in honor of the creator god Make Make. Then, the participants had to obtain the first egg that the Manu Tara (Easter tern) left on the Motu Nui islet and then return to Rapa Nui to climb the Rano Kau cliff. The winner was invested as Tangata Manu, the birdman.

The 56th edition of Tapati will take place between Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 17, 2024, coinciding with the high season, so you must book your flight and accommodation several days in advance. Prefers services registered with Sernatur.