Rapa Nui is located at the easternmost point of the Polynesian archipelago. The Archipelago is made up of Hawaii at the northernmost point and New Zealand at the southwestern end. Rapa Nui is located 4,050 km from Tahiti and approximately 3,700 km from the coast of Chile.


The subtropical oceanic climate of Rapa Nui is characterized by sunny days with sudden rain showers. The average temperature is 20.7 ºC (70 ºF) and an average annual humidity of 77%.
There are basically two seasons spring-summer and fall-winter

The coldest month: August 14 ºC – 17 ºC
The hottest month: February 24 ºC – 28 ºC
Rainiest month: May
Average annual temperature: 20ºC
Average annual water temperature: 18ºC (65ºF)


7,750 (2017 census)


Rapa Nui, Spanish, English and French.


Dollars, Euros, Chilean pesos.


Santander (ATMs, credit cards, dollar-euro exchange) Banco Estado de Chile


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